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Happy Easter! 20 prizes of 500 000 rubles! In the 676th draw a necessary jackpot draw will be held!
Hurry to win with maximum profit!

Receiving your winnings

Winnings under 10,000 rubles will be automatically transferred to your personal balance in the Lottery Tickets Store, within 3 days after the draw.

Larger prizes can be transferred to your bank account.


It is time to paint eggs and win millions!
It is time to spend with family and the “Golden key” lottery grants you an opportunity to cheer up yourself and your close ones! In the 820th draw 20 prizes of 500 000 rubles and an unbelievable jackpot of 23 576 901 rubles await you! The...... (read more)

Hurry to win with maximum profit!
Dear players! Form April 18th 2014 our website's bonus police will change. A little time is left! For now if you buy our tickets you could have bonuses up to 25%! This is a unique opportunity and it is the first and only offer in the history of...... (read more)

The winner of a housing marathon!
Veniamin from sunny Krasnodarsky Krai has won an apartment costing 1 000 000 rubles in the 817th draw of the “Golden key” lottery! - First of all, congratulations with such an amazing event! Please, tell us about yourself! read more)

30 apartments drawn!
The “Golden key's” unbelievable housing marathon is over! In three weeks we have drawn 30 apartments and 67 000 000 rubles! Our apartments made people all over Russia happy! All in all 526 000 tickets won! Last 10 apartments were drawn in...... (read more)

Halfway to 30 apartments!
In the 817th draw of the “Golden key” lottery, and none of them have split up! Besides that we had other surprises: big winnings in “Royal card” and “Russian troika” lotteries! “Golden key” lottery's housing marathon is coming...... (read more)

Only in Lottery Tickets Store

Convenience: You can purchase the tickets at any time, anywhere, and receive your winnings either to your balance at the Lottery Tickets Store or directly to your bank account.

Excitement: Only with us, you can pick tickets with any combination of numbers or put together your own lucky tickets in Royal Card.

Bonuses: Bonus points that are added to your Lottery Tickets Store balance and can be used for other purchases in the Store.

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Ticket Sets
О наборах билетов
Ticket Sets

Ticket Sets - is a convenient opportunity to buy multiple tickets of lotteries in the next drawing.

Each Sets contains a certain number of lottery tickets Golden Key, Royal Card, Russian Troika and Lucky Code.

When buying tickets each Sets bonuses are in accordance with the applicable Bonus Programme.

Do not believe in luck?

Подбери код своей удачиSpecially for the skeptics who believe that the results are predetermined:

our lottery Lucky Code – crack safe code and walk off with big money! You have a unique chance to pick your own lucky numbers and put together a winning combination!

Lottery Royal Card – chose your lucky cards and put together a lucky ticket!

Prove that this is not all just blind luck, but your own achievement!

This is what we call
Special Deals

Only in Golden Key lottery
you can win an apartment
for 50 rubles!

Golden Key lottery drawings are taking place from
September 25 2012 until September 25 2017.

Winners of the «Interlot lotteries»:
евгений Симановский
Winnings in the 819 draw of lottery Golden Key for the ticket No.01317164 is
145.00 rubles
Сергей Левашов
Winnings in the 817 draw of lottery Golden Key for the ticket No.01117240 is
181.00 rubles
Оксана Романова
Winnings in the 819 draw of lottery Golden Key for the ticket No.01431124 is
112.00 rubles

We work with the following payment systems:

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